Ep03: Do you need expensive material to take good photos for your Instagram?

I'm happy to present you episode 3 of "The Journaling Club" podcast.

I don't think I can say that we are getting better at it 😂 , we were actually pretty tired when we recorded this episode, it was in the late evening... and we had also ate some tasty (and dairy-free) crêpes just before, so we were feeling the crash...

Anyway, here is the episode! I hope you'll like it 


On this episode you will learn:

  • If you need a reflex camera to take nice photos for Instagram
  • What apps and software we use to edit our photos
  • What helps for making your photos more interesting, and creating your personal identity
  • Simon's trick to "faking a sunlight"

The different things we mentioned:

  • Cynthia's phone is the iPhone 6 
  • Simon's camera is a Canon 70D with a Sigma Lens
  • The softwares we use on desktop : Photoshop and Lightroom (Gimps is an equivalent for free)
  • Snapseed: An good app for editing your photos directly on your phone (for IOS and Android)
  • Later : the app (and website) we use for scheduling our Instagram posts

Mini Tuto - How Simon blurs text using Photoshop!

  1. Select your text with the "Polygonal Lasso" tool
  2. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur
  3. Adjust the value to get the bluriness you want


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