Daily Journaling, 8 simple, creative topics to write about in your journal

8 Simple and Creative Topics to Start Writing About in Your Journal

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Do you know how to fill up your blank pages?

I always see the blank pages and wonder : “What should I write about?” Maybe you don’t really write in your journal yet and want to start, but just not sure how? It can be difficult to start writing when you don’t have the habit, but with time it can become easier, just like anything else. 

Here is a list of questions to answer or topics you can write about :

8 Creative Journaling Ideas and Topics

1. What happened today?

Maybe something exciting happened during the day? Even if nothing exciting happened, but it was just an “ordinary day” there can still be something special you can mention.

For example : a special trip to the bakery, a day out with friends, you passed a difficult exam, you made a new acquaintance, tried a new recipe, etc.

2. Write about your current thoughts or feelings.

This is a great way to de-clutter your mind and perhaps de-stress, or maybe you're feeling really happy and want to say why.

Our lives are full of events (good and not so great..) and challenges that writing them down on paper can help clear our mind when talking to someone isn't easy. Or perhaps you have some great news that you want to remember about when you come back and re-read your journals.

3. What are you grateful for?

We can all think of something we are thankful for. This exercise helps us to stay positive and reminds us to be grateful for what we have. Remind yourself to see the good in each day.

I like to try and focus on the positive, it's so easy to complain, but I want my journaling to be a positive tool and hobby. Also, I don't want to find myself reading back an old journal and realize I didn't save enough happy moments or discover all I did was complain.

4. Write your own story.

Maybe you have a creative, or vivid imagination and can write your own short stories.

Some people are great writers or have excellent storytelling abilities, maybe you can save your ideas and write them down. Who knows, maybe it's a talent you didn't even know you had.

5. Do you remember your dreams at night?

Some of us are able to remember our dreams enough that we can recount them. If they're interesting enough, why not write them down?

I've written down some of my dreams, here and there when I can remember them enough to explain and write them. I don't try to interpret them or anything. I just find dreams fascinating, don't  you?

6. Something new you learned.

I always like to include about new things I learned or discovered. An interesting fact, or from a subject you like for example.

Well perhaps your're in school and already have other notebooks full of notes, but these notes can be about your own personal, hobby or interest. For example if you have a favorite podcast, documentary, if you're learning how to bake, sew, sports, or a new language.

7. Do you have favorite quotes?

We all have some favorite quotes that inspire or motivate us. They're also a good way to decorate your journal pages.

I think we all have some favorite quotes! You can write them in a unique typography to decorate your pages.

8. Include excerpts or poetry.

Maybe you enjoy reading a lot and have a favorite passage from your book you want to keep. You can also include poetry, or come up with your own.

This is similar to the idea above but sometimes we have a small empty corner or space left we aren't sure how to fill up, well if you have a short, favorite poem or writing from a book that speaks to you, save it.

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Be positive.

One of my goals with journaling is to work on myself, to be more self-aware. I believe that Gratitude and Positivity can help us to grow, improve, and to have a better vision of oneself and life.

Of course we are all different and so your journal should reflect YOU. Write about things that you find important. It's also good to keep in mind that perhaps you'll find yourself after some years reading back what you've written, so it'd be nice to include memorable moments. With this said it may bring up an important question such as...

Aren’t you afraid to expose yourself, your thoughts to other people on social media?

And my answer is No, I often share mine on Instagram. You have control on what you want to upload online and share. Don't share your journal if you aren't comfortable with it.

Also, you can blur the writing on your photos by editing them, if you don't want others to read your personal entries. I edit my photos on my computer by using Lightroom. If you'd like to do the same I’ve explained how here : How To Blur Your Writing For Instagram. You can see an example of this in the photo above.


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