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Get Your Journaling Journey Started with our Free Printable Stickers

Journaling has become a popular activity for individuals looking for a creative outlet and a way to document their memories. However, for some, finding inspiration and having the time to draw can be a challenge. Not to mention, buying stickers and other embellishments can add up quickly. That's why we're excited to offer a solution that takes care of both of these problems: Free Printables!

"Start Your Journaling Journey with our Free Printable Stickers"

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Our collection of free printable stickers features more than 20 different themes, all illustrated by Cynthia herself and digitized by her, Simon and Alicia (Simon's sister). These stickers offer a perfect way to start your journaling journey. You can print them at home using self-adhesive paper or regular printing paper, and customize your spreads to your heart's desire.

Not only are these printables an affordable solution, but they also come with the added bonus of convenience. No more searching for inspiration or spending time drawing. Simply download and print, and you're ready to start decorating your journal pages.


"Support the Creator and Share Your Creations"

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While these printables are free, we kindly ask that you do not copy, sell, or claim credit for them. We hold all rights to these designs, and they are only intended for personal use in your notebooks, penpal mail, planners, or bullet journal spreads. We have to mention that because some people already used it to make profit or promot their own business without mentioning us...

If you enjoy using these printables, consider supporting our business by making a little purchase on our shop (if you can of course) or sharing the free printables with family and friends. You can also show off your journal spreads on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube and tag @mymellowdays. We would love to see your creations and your support is greatly appreciated.

So what are you waiting for? Download your Mellow Days Free Printable Stickers now and unleash your creative potential. Happy journaling!

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I have been following your shop for about 3(?) years now and have purchased 2 bullet/watercolor journals, the B5 art journal, and finally just received the Gouache after you being sold out every time I checked. Thank you for the freebies. The stickers do add up so I haven’t purchased any yet. But now I want the TN books as well (I don’t NEED them lol). I’m so happy to see you all doing so well with your shop! Will be ordering washi as well (if it isn’t sold out! lol).


What an amaze and inspire artworks! Thank you very much for your generous. All stickers are very beautiful.

Pudji Tursana

You are amazing, I started to follow you 2 yrs ago, love your job.
Waiting to finish my bullet journal to buy yours and paint with aquarela, doodle.
Can’t wait to get it.😁




Beautiful, and so generous of you! Thanks so much!


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