5 Benefits of Keeping a Diary or Journaling for Adults

5 Benefits of Keeping a Diary or Journaling for Adults

Are you considering the idea, “I want to start to journaling”, but feel unsure about giving it a try?

I have written the top 5 reasons for you to pick up a journal and start! Journaling, or keeping a diary is simple and easy that anyone can do, and start with materials we all have around the house.

So, why keep a journal? Listed below are the top five benefits and reasons to start.

1. Write down memories in a diary.

    Our lives are full of events, occasions, and celebrations that sometimes we want to keep and save these moments forever. We want to remember important events in our life. By putting our thoughts to paper we make sure those memories are saved, and can go back and reread them in the future. A diary can be handed down through the generations, a personal record keeping of your life. Journaling allows you to save all the happy events you want to go back to and revisit. 


    2. Keep a Bullet Journal to plan, organize, and set goals.

    A journal can serve as a helpful tool to organize goals and tasks. Writing down our thoughts requires us to slow down and think. Our lives are so busy that we often don’t take the time to reflect on what we want for our lives, our goals, and dreams. Writing down a list in a notebook is a helpful tool to visualize and plan our goals. The goals can be short term or long term.. 

    3. Journaling can be a method of self therapy, to help de-stress.


    We all need a moment to take a break and breathe. Journaling requires reflection, to search within our mind and untangle thoughts. To sort out your worries or chaos from daily life. The act of writing down your thoughts in a journal can bring a sense of peace, to release a burden and relax. Keeping a diary can be a tool for self therapy, to let go of some of the stress. 

    4. Improve your writing, drawing skills, and inspire creativity.

    Writing more frequently will improve your penmanship! This is a positive aspect of writing more often, and on a daily basis. Today so many things are digital and typed that we maybe don't need to pick up a pen to write, but writing with a pen or pencil in a notebook provides good practice and to disconnect from technology, at least for awhile. And, if you decide to keep a more creative journal,it can be a good opportunity to practice your drawing and painting skills.

    5. Journaling can become a fun hobby.

    Journaling is also a fun to do! Depending on how elaborate or decorated you want your notebook pages to be, you can spend a good amount of time working on them. Journaling can become a new, quiet hobby, for self reflection, creativity, and a moment of self care.

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