Reverie Watercolor Bullet Journal Floral Collection

Rêverie Watercolor Journal- The Floral Collection

Introducing The New Rêverie Journal - The Floral Collection

    Reverie Journal Floral Collection, Yellow Saffron Box ColorReverie Journal Floral Collection, Purple Orchid Color Notebook

After months of illustrating, selecting colors, and designing our Rêverie notebooks are finally completed! So, if you are looking for a quality notebook at the right price, don't go anywhere, you've come to the right place!

First of all we want to thank the community for the support you have shown us. More and more of you have adopted our watercolor notebook and we would like to thank you and tell you that it warms our hearts!❤

Unfortunately, some of you did not have the opportunity to order yours because we quickly ran out of stock.

But today we are pleased to announce the 3rd edition of the Rêverie Journal! This time available in 4 colors, with a beautiful new design AND lovely new boxes.

    Reverie Watercolor Bullet Journal, Floral Collection Pink Peony NotebookReverie Watercolor Bullet Journal, Floral Collection Delphinium Blue Notebook Box



A Bullet Journal With Cold-Pressed Watercolor Paper.

Our goal is clear, to offer you the best notebook for art journaling or bullet journaling, and giving it an elegant design. We have selected watercolor paper, thick enough paper to resist water, yet thin enough to offer a maximum number of pages (because there is nothing more frustrating than having a beautiful notebook with barely 60 pages).

The cold pressed watercolor paper is slightly textured, giving it a unique aspect and perfect for painting. It gives a better feeling, blending, and an artistic aspect when you use your watercolors, gouache, acrylic paint, colored pencils, or other artistic materials.

Reverie Bullet Journal Dot Grid Pages


We have listed below the important details of our notebook:

1. As in our previous Rêverie Collection our notebooks have premium quality cold-pressed paper in a natural, soft white color, FSC certified, and acid-free.

2. If you prefer warmer tones, you will love the natural white of our paper, with a creamy touch of color. Making it easy and soft on the eyes, and pleasant for when you journal.

Mellow Days, Reverie Watercolor Bullet Journal, Painting illustrations by Cynthia

3. The traditional grey dots have been replaced by an elegant sepia dot grid pages. In addition to giving it a very aesthetic appearance, this color blends perfectly into the page, and are not harsh but the dots remain visible enough to bujo in. They also allow for aesthetic social media photos, which I think is a plus!

4. The paper is specially designed for the use of watercolors, gouache, or acrylic paint. You will get a better blending experience, especially with watercolor but also with your colored pencils. In addition, the paper does not peel off or leave a residue because of the water.

Reverie Watercolor Bullet Journal, gouache illustrations by Cynthia

5. For us, the ideal notebook should have quality paper while having a decent number of pages. That's why our watercolor art journals have 160 pages, with 160gsm cold pressed paper.

Other Important Paper Features

Although our Rêverie notebook is mostly directed towards paint enthusiasts, it also works great with other art mediums. During the design process of our bullet journal, we took care to make sure and test other popular journaling supplies.

If you love using fineliners such as Pigma Microns, or Steadler pens, gel pens, and brush pens like Tombow, you won’t have to worry about ghosting.

The paper also handles well color pencils such as Polychromos which I often use or if you own any Caran d'Ache pencils.

Similarly, if you enjoy writing with fountain pens, there is little feathering effect (it can be very light depending on the ink brand and size of the pen nib used).

Only alcohol-based markers being the most difficult, always manage to bleed through paper.


The Floral Designed Cover

Reverie Watercolor Bullet Journal, The Floral Collection gold gilded, floral cover

Our New Rêverie Collection means, a new design and this time it's a gold gilded floral cover. We worked for months starting and illustrated the cover done by Cynthia, and selected 4 gorgeous colors.

Available in these colors : Pink Peony, Purple Orchid, Yellow Saffron, and Delphinium Blue

As in our previous collections, the notebooks have a hard cover with a quality leather imitation, and are pleasantly soft to the touch. Very easy to maintain and clean, all you need is a soft, damp cloth to clean your cover.

The interior cover pages have been redesigned to a more clean, minimal 
aesthetic to not overload the design, this also allows you to personalize the interior to your own creativity if you would wish to.

Reverie Watercolor Bullet Journal, the dedication first inside page
The small details :
  • Two ribbon bookmarks
  • An elastic band to keep the notebook tightly closed (very useful when you are on the go)
  • Storage envelope to slip your stickers, or to loose papes



Always Protected by a Beautifully Illustrated Box

Unlike the previous collection, this time each notebook comes with its own matching box. In addition to protecting your Rêverie Journal during transport, it can become a nice storage box for your small stationery items, or simply to store your journal in for safe keeping.

We hope you will love this new Rêverie Floral Collection as much as we do. And thank you for your continued support.🌹

If you wish to see more photos and how we use our Rêverie Journal for inspiration, come visit us on our Instagram page @mymellowdays 

Reverie Watercolor Bullet Journal, The Floral Collection Pink Peony Notebook Box

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