The Rêverie Journal a Bullet Journal With Watercolor Paper Review

The Rêverie Journal - A Bullet Journal With Watercolor Paper

Watercolor Rêverie Bullet Journal Review

Our Rêverie Journal Is Back!

After having sold our first edition of the Rêverie notebook, we decided to take a break and to not relaunch production. From the big selection of notebooks already available on the market, there was no point in offering yet another bullet journal if it's only difference was the cover ...

However despite everything, we continued to receive a some messages from people wishing to order our Reverie Journal.

We then therefore went back to our project and finally came out with something that meets a real expectation...

A Journal With Real Watercolor Paper.

There are so many models of dotted notebooks. From those with thicker pages, we often find the same characteristics ... that is to say : very white paper of 160gsm, more or less dark gray dots, and of course no ghosting and "watercolor friendly" ...

But when you're looking for a bullet journal with real watercolor paper, there's nothing on the market. That's when we set out to provide the first bujo made for watercolor enthusiasts!

Mellow Days Rêverie Bullet Journal Pages

We have listed below, the important points of our notebook:

1. From now on you will find in our notebooks premium quality cold-pressed paper of a natural white FSC certified and acid-free.

2. When choosing our paper, it was important for us to select a natural white. No more cold and hard tones, but a warmer one much more pleasing to the eye. There's no longer that "bluish" tint that was present in our first notebook. Now it's a beautiful natural white, between ivory and white cream paper in the Rêverie Journal.

3. As for the dot grid pages, we replaced the traditional gray dots (which we found unattractive) with an elegant, light sepia. This color blends perfectly into the page, but remains visible enough to work in your bujo, without afffecting your illustrations and decorations.

Rêverie Bujo with light sepia, dot grid pagesMellow Days Watercolor Rêverie Bullet Journal

4. The textured of the paper is much better for painting, especially with watercolors. The pigments blend more easily and the paper leaves no residue due to the water or lifts off.

5. We didn't want the paper to be too thick, so we stayed with a 160gsm thickness. Which is both, thick enough to hold the paint and doesn't create a too thick of a notebook.

 Watercolor test on the Rêverie bujoWatercolor test on the Rêverie notebook, no bleed through

A Good Notebook Isn't Just Thick Pages!

Maybe watercolor doesn't interest you that much?! But I'm sure you're still looking for a quality notebook (without having to spend a fortune, either).

During the design of our journal, we made sure to test the most used mediums.

  • If you like to use fineliners (Pigma Micron)gel pens, and brush pens (Tombow) while you journal, you won't have to worry about ghosting.

Rêverie Journal pen test no ghostingRêverie Journal pen test no ghosting 160gsm

  • Likewise if you use fountain pens, you hardly have any feathering (it can be very light, depending on the ink and the size of the nib used).
  • Only alcohol based markers make our lives tough and still manage to get through the paper. The results aren't bad though, but it's always good to know.
Rêverie Bullet Journal Pencil Portrait Drawing


The Softest Cover

We have selected a hard cover with faux leather, which is the most beautiful and so soft to the touch, the same as in our first edition. It's very easy to maintain, all you need is a small, damp cloth to clean the cover.

Available in two colors : a beautiful Coral Rose, and we switched from the black cover to a gorgeous Blue Lavender .

When you open the notebook, the inside front and back cover are entirely designed by me. We also added : two bookmarks, an elastic to keep the notebook tightly closed (very useful when you are on the move), and a storage envelope to slip in your stickers, or loose sheets.

Get my Rêverie Journal

Delivered In A Beautifuly Illustrated Box

To avoid plastic, we opted for a pretty cardboard box, which protects the notebook during transport. It also serves as a nice storage box for your small stationery, or to just keep your journal safe!

Rêverie Bullet Journal, Eco Friendly Box Packaging
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