Pre-order Reverie Journal 2023

Before to start, we want to be transparent with you, and explain the reason why we are doing this preorder.

We're excited to announce that our beloved 160gsm cold pressed, watercolor paper is back and fully financed thanks to a successful loan. However, we still need your support to bring it to reality.

Despite facing obstacles such as increasing raw material costs, elevated delivery expenses, and prolonged shipping delays in 2022, we persevered and continue to run our business. It's important to remember that owning a business comes with its own set of challenges.

In addition to these challenges, we also had the task of securing funding for our new notebook collection. To help make this project a reality, we are offering our new collection for pre-order as a means of raising the necessary funds for production

What Motivated Us To Offer Pre-Order?

It's important to note that manufacturing costs are extremely high, and we typically finance each production through our own personal savings. This can be a stressful and risky process, as it ties up a significant amount of money each time. As previously mentioned, we also took on additional financial risk by obtaining a loan to finance our paper project. Through the use of pre-orders, we hope to alleviate some of this financial burden and move forward with the production and release of our new notebooks.

It's a sort of "crowdfunding".

If the pre-order campaign is successful (which we sincerely hope for), it may enable us to accelerate the development of our shop. It may also allow us to pay ourselves our very first salary in 2023, as currently we are not able to live off of the income from Mellow Days alone.

What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Ordering Your Notebook Today?

By supporting our small online store through pre-ordering, you will be helping us to grow and expand. Additionally, pre-ordering will give you access to a more favorable price than when the notebooks are fully released on our store. As a token of our appreciation, pre-orders will also include gifts. We will also keep you updated on the progress of the notebooks via email.

By pre-ordering, your orders will be given priority and will be shipped out before the notebooks are made available to the general public on our shop.

What You Need To Know About Pre-Ordering

Our goal is to raise 5000€ in order to validate the project and begin production.

It's a significant amount of money, but we are optimistic that we can reach it! Even after reaching this goal, pre-orders will remain open for a few additional weeks, or until the full cost of production is covered.

Please note that once the project is launched, it will take a minimum of 3 months before the first orders can be shipped. However, it is possible that it may take slightly longer.*

Once the project is launched, it will take at least 3 months minimum before the first orders can be sent, but please know this may take a little longer*.

*It is important to note that there may be potential delays, as we are not immune to production, packaging, and transportation disruptions. Please keep this in mind when placing your pre-order.

Introducing The New Reverie Notebooks

For those who may be unfamiliar with our Reverie notebooks, they are bullet journals made with 160gsm cold pressed paper specifically designed for artists.

Here are the main features of the journal.

      • Real watercolor art paper, 160gsmFSC Certified, and Acid Free, perfect for painting, bujo brush pens, markers, and even fountain pens.
      • Natural soft, white pages that are water resistant and no ghosting.
      • Dotted pages printed in sepia to guide your planning and layout of your pages, that become barely visible for capturing aesthetic, social media photos.
      • The Vegan hardcover is smooth and soft, and easy to maintain and clean.
      • Packed in a beautifully designed eco-friendly box.

As you know, our priority is to provide premium quality and materials. Our goal is to give the best possible experience for Journaling Artists.

Even if you are unable or choose not to purchase a new Reverie Journal, you can still support us by making a small purchase in our shop or adding a tip at checkout. Every little bit helps, and spreading the word of our campaign to your community is also greatly appreciated.

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