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Once Upon a Time... Magnolia

Earlier this year, back in March 2022, we shared with you our plan to design our first sketchbook!

We asked what features or details you wanted, and after collecting all your suggestions and ideas, we were finally able to start creating the Magnolia Sketchbook.

"Our goal is to create quality products at a resonable price for artists."

We began researching and tested several types of art paper.  In the beginning, we found an Italian brand, that was quite good. However, the paper had a large, embossed logo and it was rather expensive.

Test Sketchbook Paper Mixed Media


If we chose this paper, the price of the sketchbook would have been too high, around 75€. So, we decided against this, our goal is to create quality products at a resonable price for artists. So we continued looking and after a moment we found, THE PAPER...

A True Mixed Media Paper.

Hot Pressed Sketchbook Paper


300 GSM Hot Pressed Paper, 50% Cotton in a Natural, Soft White Color. 

The hot pressed paper means it has a little bit of texture, but not as much as our Rêverie Journal. This makes it very versatile for your mediums. You can use your favorite paints, color pencils, brush pens, fineliners, pastels, etc.

The paper is a soft, natural white color, so it's easy on the eyes and looks beautiful for any artwork. It's also made from 50% cotton, FSC certified, and acid free. The 300 GSM thickness means it can handle water quite well and no ghosting.

Mixed Media 300gsm paper texture


What's the Sketchbook Size?

We wanted you to have enough room to express your creativity so we chose a B5 format with 70 pages inside. Because it's 300gsm Hot Pressed paper, the notebook is quite thick and the traditional stitched binding that we normally use wasn't possible. It was creating folds that weren't clean, and didn't lay as flat.

So we chose another binding technique, for a better look. It lays perfectly flat and you can even tear out the pages if you want to hang your finished art work on the wall.

Perfectly Lay Flat SketchbookMagnolia Best Mixed Media Sketchbooks For Artists


As with the current inflation going on, we had to make some decisions. To reduce the higher costs we decided to not include a box with the sketchbook. That way we can keep the price we originally calculated for our Magnolia Sketchbooks at 35€.


These are the full Magnolia Sketchbook Details :

  • Format Size B5, Hardcover
  • Soft Vegan Material
  • Paper Thickness 300GSM
  • 50% Cotton
  • Page Color - Natural White
  • Number of Pages 70
  • Hot Pressed Paper for Mixed Media (Lightly Textured)
  • FSC Certified and Acid Free
  • Sketchbook Lays Flat 180°
  • 2 Ribbon Bookmarks
  • Price 35€



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Just discovered your site, blog & videos & love, love, love everything you guys do!! I ordered a lot of your beautiful, cosy stickers & your great Magnolia Journal, & cannot wait to get started!! I’m a young at heart 72 who has been a paralyzed perfectionist my entire life, unable to let myself be an imperfect “beginner” artist. So my inner artist is ready to break her bonds to be set free & learn that it’s okay & fun to play!! Thank you both for creating this welcoming, comforting, cosy space with journaling & art guidance to help me get started!!

Karen L Runnels

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