Is Journaling Good for You? Here is Why you Should Keep a Diary

Is Journaling Good for You? Here is Why you Should Keep a Diary

If you have never had a diary, you will be surprised to learn that one of the best wellness tools is a journal. Nowadays, self-care is advertised almost on every corner, but there is only so much a face mask, or a fresh manicure can help with. 

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Journaling, however, has long-term positive effects on both your mental and physical health. Putting your thoughts on paper can sometimes be challenging and even painful, but it really is worth it! So, if you are wondering whether starting a journal is good for you, we have a clear answer – yes, it is! With our help, discover the many benefits of journaling.

It reduces stress and anxiety

For our mental and physical health, there is nothing worse than stress. Unfortunately, nowadays, more and more people struggle with anxiety. The pandemic hasn't helped one bit too. That is why it is important to look for ways to reduce anxiety, and journaling can be an excellent stress management tool. 

As research shows, even 15 to 20 minutes of journaling over the course of a few months could lower blood pressure. Not only that – the liver functionality was improved too. Keeping a mindfulness journal is also a great way to manage stressful experiences.

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Helps with inspiration

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci kept a personal diary? In fact, Bill Gates bought a collection of them for 30 million dollars. Even back in the 15th century, the famous polymath understood how beneficial journaling could really be.

While writing a diary, your imagination can run wild. As you are brainstorming different ideas and thoughts, you may feel an influx of inspiration. You will be surprised to see what pops into your mind! Sketching and writing can really open up a new world of ideas.

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It improves your writing skills

Practice makes perfect, right? The famous saying also applies to writing. Whether you have a gratitude journal or a self-care journal (or maybe even both), you are bound to improve your overall communication skills. 

Expressing thoughts and ideas doesn't come naturally for most people. It is a skill that can be learned. If you are journaling every day (even just for five minutes), you will surely become better at writing.

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It gives you an opportunity to learn from your mistakes

According to a study from the Harvard Business School, the most effective way of learning from our experiences is by reflecting on them. While you are journaling, you typically look back on the previous day (or experiences), which makes you think about what could have been done differently. 

Journaling really offers an opportunity to draw lessons from previous experiences. Today's world can sometimes be overwhelming. With so much news and information, it can be difficult to find time and really look into yourself. But personal diaries allow one to actively engage with specific ideas and complex concepts.

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It is great for your memory

As you get older, remembering things gets more difficult, which is why it is so important to do exercises for your memory. Amongst the many benefits of journaling is the fact that it is also great for remembering specific moments and phases of your life.

You may have heard that some teachers allow their students to use handwritten cheat sheets. That may seem strange at first, but not if you understand how the human brain works. When you are writing by hand, cells called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) begin to work. 

Whatever you might be focusing on gets processed on a deeper level. As you are journaling, your brain understands that it should pay close attention. For this reason, writing something down can help in remembering it.

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It helps you understand your goals

With daily responsibilities and tasks, it is easy to lose sight of your long-term goals. Journaling is an excellent way to make sure you follow your intents. Writing down your goals makes it easier to commit to them. That, in turn, means you will more likely achieve them. 

Having a mindfulness journal can be really beneficial because it allows you to identify what exactly is that you want and desire. Quite often, we have blocks that stop us from following our dreams, but we don't even realize it. A journal can help you identify what is standing in your way. 

It also works as a record of past accomplishments, which is really helpful on days when it seems like nothing is going your way.

Journaling ideas for mental health

It is a great mood booster

Having the occasional bad mood is completely normal. As humans, we experience all sorts of emotions. What is important is not to suppress but rather accept them. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be really beneficial.

It is crucial not to keep emotions bottled up. While journaling, you most often realize that things aren't as bad as they seem. Or – if they are – you can identify possible solutions, learn more about what triggers you and learn how to handle these difficult situations. 

Research shows that keeping a diary has a calming effect. Whenever you are upset and decide to write about it, your brain seems to become happier.

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It lets you discover more about yourself

Journaling provides a much-needed pause to look deep inside you and discover all the fascinating parts of yourself. When you are keeping a diary, you may come to conclusions you would never expect. As you are writing, you learn more about your fears, dreams, preferences, and desires. 

We, as humans, are constantly changing and evolving. Sometimes it may even be difficult to keep up! Journaling allows you to take a moment and get to know yourself better.

Just writing a few minutes a day can have many advantages. So instead of scrolling through Instagram, set aside five minutes to put your thoughts on paper and let your creativity flow freely. You will be surprised to see how good it feels!

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