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Do you want to represent MELLOW DAYS?

We are currently looking for new people to represent Mellow Days. Of course we want people who truly love what we do, and who enjoy sharing content on journaling.

Here are the requirements for a chance to be part of the team:

- Have 1500 followers minimum to apply
- 16 years old, or older
- Fill out and agree, to our Rep. Form below
- Follow us on Instagram

What we will send you:

- Stickers and/or a Rêverie Journal
- A custom discount code for you and your audience

What we will require of you:

- Share important posts and Shop updates in your Story
- Post at least once a week within our collaboration period, featuring our products.
- Tag us @mymellowdays and use #mymellowdays on each post featuring our products 
- Share the discount code with your community