Summer Collection

Summer Collection

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Summer Collection

Retrouvez dans ce lot mes 4 nouvelles planches de stickers à prix réduit!
Vous aurez aussi accès à un code vous permettant de télécharger du contenu exclusif.

Ce pack contient les planches suivantes:

A la Plage Sticker Sheet

"Who is ready for the summer? Warm days of tranquility spent relaxing under the sun, the cascading sound of crashing waves, laughter, and sun-kissed skin. Eating sweet fruits and memorable vacations."

Mediterranean Summer Sticker Sheet

"Travel far for the summer or revisit special places. Summer is a time for new adventures and memories. Golden sunsets, sipping fresh lemonade, and summer dresses. Take a walk along the beach and dip your toes in the cool water."

Nostalgia I Sticker Sheet

"Do you remember your first box of colors? Your favorite books filled with incredible stories. Family gatherings eating home cooked food; someone capturing the moment, as the camera flash goes off. We all have good memories we shouldn't forget."

Nostalgia II Sticker Sheet

"What do you keep in your memory box? Is it filled with love letters, old tickets, small gifts, and birthday cards? Take a promenade down memory lane as your favorite song begins to dance and turn."


Toutes les illustrations ont été faites par mes soins et imprimé chez nous. 

Feuille : 4 planches de stickers autocollant
Taille : 118mm x 84mm (assortiment de tailles)
Matériel : Papier Vinyl, Mate

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