Summer Collection Stickers

This is the summer collection for my new stickers. I’m excited about these new illustrations. I was inspired by vacations, nostalgia, and summer’s freedom...

I wanted to draw illustrations that represent these feelings and ideas.

Summer Collection Sticker Illustrations

A la Plage

"Who is ready for the summer? Warm days of tranquility spent relaxing under the sun, the sound of crashing waves, laughter, and sun-kissed skin. Eating sweet fruits and memorable vacations."

Stickers à la plage Mellow Days
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Mediterranean Summer

"Travel far for the summer or revisit special places. Summer is a time for new adventures and memories. Golden sunsets, sipping fresh lemonade, and summer dresses. Take a walk along the beach and dip your toes in the cool water."

Stickers Mediterranean Summer Mellow Days
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Nostalgia I

"Do you remember your first box of colors? Your favorite books filled with incredible stories. Family gatherings eating home cooked food; someone capturing the moment, as the camera flash goes off. We all have good memories we shouldn't forget."

Nostalgia II

"What do you keep in your memory box? Is it filled with love letters, old tickets, small gifts, and birthday cards? Take a trip down memory lane as your favorite song begins to dance and turn."

Stickers Nostalgia 2 Mellow Days
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Along with the colored stickers sheets I wanted to offer these in a black and white version where you can add your own creativity and color, or you can keep them simple as they are. 

Black and White Version of the Summer Collection Stickers
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I drew all of these illustrations and painted them by hand. I truly enjoyed watching them come to life, to watch them become stickers for you to use in your journals, snail mail, or anywhere else. I hope you love them too.

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